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Welcome to the Michael Rizzo Chessman karaoke promotion web-page - this is the best site
 for great offerings on the Internet in the way of "out of prints", "somewhat reduced file size"
 versions for non-profit use and public awareness and edification with an objective of an
 improved environment in which to exist for our families for whose concern we are driven in
 what it is that we do here. We respect property rights within a conscionable range and have
 no intention to be unfair to anyone. Please feel free to email your comments or concerns
 here: michaelc@liberaladvocate.info

NOTE: We plan to have the needed funds raised in the near future to compensate
those entitled to a fee for use of their music samples which are included here at a fair enough
 rate we think.  With thanks indeed

you may also email any DMCA related concerns etc to us here. merci - with thanks indeed
for joining in with this effort to improve our communities through edifying music selections
to be heard instead of what we find around!


Michael Rizzo Chessman

Become a Karaoke Disc Jockey today
Get yourself set-up at a local pub, army base, church basement or even an old folks home
after checking out these available samples here!
Completely free torrent download of our best song suggestions! 

Select your choice of DivX or CD+G or MP4 format folders below :

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Click on a download link for a the folder of your choice.
Requires use of freely available software available on the net such as
utorrent (the most widely used). Available for free at their site here:

After installing on you computer, select from the karaoke sampler collection
from the choices of the various formats shown below depending on your needs


Most recent Complete CD+G format sample collection 
(plays on CDG disc players and laptop or desktop computers) 
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(plays on compatible bluray DVD disc players and laptop or desktop computers) 
Most recent Complete DivX format sample collection 
(plays on compatible DVD or bluray disc players offering DivX support and computers) 



 We make no monetary gain in anything we do on the net at any of our sites.  Any donations at any of our sites are put into costs of added availability  whether in paying for costs of bandwidth or material purchases    

The kind of equipment is available cheap on ebay and at local 
retailers in your neighborhood
Lets take back culture from the rap music perpetrators with this
greatest of music content instead. Nicest songs all here - see for yourself!
For the greatest movies (reviews and downloads), 
Click on this link here: http://moviesbyrizzo.info

Our tasteful adult content movies available at this link


Try these first if you like  

(click on free download links below):
Irish Scottish sampler
Italian American sampler
Childrens songs sampler
Spanish samples
We welcome you to here view our "lyrics-on -screen" adaptation of
"The Last Rose of Summer"
(supremely performed  by
"Celtic woman")
"Dein ist mein ganzes herz"
We've added on-screen lyrics for this greatest song from Germany in this concert clip!


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